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Sport and Recreation with Boomerangs
There are more than twelve countries with national boomerang teams, including the US. People are finding boomerangs to be not only a competive sport, but also a great addition to mountain biking, kite flying and just about any other outdoor activity.

Games people play

    Accuracy: The boomerang is thrown from the bull's eye and allowed to land untouched. Points are awarded for accuracy to the bull's eye. Ten points inside the bull's eye, Nine points if it's on the line and accordingly on down to one point if it lands on the ten meter line. Five throws... add up the points.
    World Record: 50

    Fast Catch: One boomerang. Fastest to complete five throws and five catches wins.
    World Record: 14.60 seconds

    Juggling: Two boomerangs. You must keep one boomerang in the air at all times. Throw and catch till you drop.

    Australian Round: Many people consider this to be the quintessential event. Thrown from the bull's eye, points are awarded for flight distance, accuracy of the return, and catching the boomerang. Five throws are made by each competitor. Maximum possible points with five catches, five throws over 50 meters, and five catches in the bull's eye is 100. Four points for each catch. Six points for 50+ meters. Ten points for accuracy. Distance points are only earned if accuracy and or catching points are earned.
    World Record: 95

    The Air Traffic Endurance: How many Fast Catch throws can pack into five minutes?
    World Record: 76

    Doubling: Throwing two boomerangs, use one with a longer flight and longer hover, and one with a shorter flight and a shorter hover. Hold both boomerangs in one hand and throw... yes, both at the same time! The one with the most catches wins.

    Consecutive Catch
    Just like it sounds. Go for some trick catches... don't drop.

    Boom: Each thrower must duplicate the previous catch (unless it's a drop). Miss a catch, get a letter... BOOM and you're gone! Last one throwing wins.

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Only throw if you have plenty of room. Throwers should always be aware of other people in their throwing area. People can appear out of nowhere and walk unknowingly into the flightpath of your boomerang. In addition, we recommend that throwers wear eye protection, particularly when catching a returning boomerang.

For more information about boomerangs, contact the United States Boomerang Association. For a USBA Rulebook send a self-addressed stamped envelope with $2.50 to:

PO Box 182
Delaware, OH 43015