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An eclectic collection of boomerangs that are varied and versatile no matter what your skill level. From basic to advanced and with outrageous designs that are impossible to ignore.

Some boomerangs are easier to throw than others. Similar to a good golf swing they require patience and practice to develop the required skill. Recommended for ages 10 and up. The quality of these rangs is fully guaranteed.

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Glacier Boomerang

US$ 10.99

Mirage Boomerang

US$ 21.99

Kilimanjaro Boomerang

US$ 29.99

Matterhorn Boomerang

US$ 21.99

Tri-blader Boomerang

US$ 21.99

Delicate Arch Boomerang

US$ 26.99

Aspen Boomerang

US$ 13.99

Rainier Boomerang

US$ 19.99

Yanaki Boomerang

US$ 17.99

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Boomerang FAQ:
New to Boomerangs? Find answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Throw:
Tips, techniques and tuning.

The Sport:
Traditional games and rules for competition and sport.

Care and Maintenance:
Getting the most out of your boomerang.

Safety Tips:
Proper guidelines and precautions.