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Boomerang Tips and Techniques

1. The Grip: The bottom of the boomerang (unpainted side) should be against your palm. The top (painted side) against your thumb. Remember, spin is more critical than a hard forceful throw. Your grip should allow the boomerang to begin to spin as it leaves your hand.

Never throw side arm! Throw no more than 45 degrees from vertical. Too laid over (side arm) and the boomerang will climb too high and slide back towards the ground! Proper layover will create a lower, more controlled flight. Different boomerangs require a different degree of layover. A good rule of thumb is as the wind increases, come up closer to vertical.

2. Release: Release the boomerang at a slight upward angle (in relation to the horizon). Keep it off the ground, but don't put it in the clouds! Too low of a release angle creates a high-climbing end of flight. A touch more release height will create a level, more consistent flight.

If the boomerang lands in front of you, throw more into the wind. If it lands behind you, throw more off the wind. You must know wind speed and direction prior to each throw. Right handed: throw right of the wind. Left-handed: throw left of the wind. As you become more proficient, you'll be able to handle more and more wind.

3. Catch: Only go for the catch when the boomerang is hovering in softly towards you. Do not catch a boomerang until you are familiar with its flight path. Also, if the boomerang is coming fast towards you, do not attempt a catch!

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Only throw if you have plenty of room. Throwers should always be aware of other people in their throwing area. People can appear out of nowhere and walk unknowingly into the flightpath of your boomerang. In addition, we recommend that throwers wear eye protection, particularly when catching a returning boomerang.

For more information about boomerangs, contact the United States Boomerang Association. For a USBA Rulebook send a self-addressed stamped envelope with $2.50 to:

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