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Yo-Yo Tips

String Length: If the string is too long, your yo-yo will be damaged as it repeatedly hits the floor. For the best length, measure from the floor to about one to two inches above your navel. Fold the string at the right length, tie a one inch loop and cut off any excess line.

Make a slip knot: Using the loop you have tied, make a slip knot with your yo-yo string. Put the string onto your middle finger above either your first or second knuckle.

How to throw: Place the yo-yo in the palm of your hand so that the string comes from the top. Holding the yo-yo in this position will allow the yo-yo to rioll off your fingertips. With your palm up, curl your arm and wrist until your hand is near your shoulder (this motion is like making a muscle). To throw your yo-yo, bring your arm and wrist straight down. If you throw fast enough, the yo-yo sleeps at the end of your string. Turn your hand over and your yo-yo will return automatically.

Removing Tangles: Some yo-yos can be taken apart to remove tangles. You must be careful when you retighten the yo-yo halves. Overtightening will damage the yo-yo, stripping the threads beyond repair. Tighten the yo-yo halves until they are snug but not tight.

Changing the string: Use the "double loop" technique (the string is looped around the axle two times) in order for your yo-yo to use its automatic return capability. To install string, hold the string at the bottom, the end that does not have the knot. Untwist the string to create an open loop and install as you would any other yo-yo, but hold the loop open. Twist to the left and loop over the yo-yo. Now twist the open loop to the right and over the yo-yo. This will produce two wraps around the axle. Pull the string tight around the side and allow the natural twist of the string to resume its former position. You are now ready to play. The string should be changed every six hours of heavy play. Changing the string regularly will allow for longer sleeps.

Important! Do not play or throw your yo-yo near people or objects. Make sure there is a clear space of at least five feet all around you. Do not throw your yo-yo towards any glass windows or breakable objects. Play safe and have fun!

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