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Pocket Kite Kit

"A gentle breeze sent our pocket kites and ultimately our spirits soaring. Thank you for making our kite day possible."

Martha Kline
Stanley Clark School

Our kite making kit is easy to make and fun to fly.
The Pocket Kite Kit is designed to make a child's first kite making experience a pleasant one. Each kit includes flying line and materials for building twenty durable, air worthy kites. Ideal for classroom projects, clubs, picnics, birthday parties, family reunions or festivals.

Decorate them with crayons, paints or markers. Precut parts make assembly quick and easy. All you need is tape, scissors, and markers.  The Pocket Kitemaking Kit is made of tough, water-resistant Tyvek and has no spars to break!  $41.99 (20 pack). Be sure to add some colorful plastic ribbon tails to your kites. Use one or two rolls for each pack of 20 kites.$3.29 each. Add one roll of Transparent Tape for each kit. (Each kite requires two 20" strips of tape on the front and two on the back.)

Easy to make and fly
Recommended for ages 5 to 105.
Quantity discount 5+ $38.99

Pocket Kite Kit Instructions
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Plastic Ribbon: Neon

Plastic Ribbon: Standard

Transparent Tape

US$ 2.99

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