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Delicate Arch Boomerang


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A recent CNN TV program labeled this as one of the best flying boomerangs in the world today. The name comes from a geologic formation in the nearby Utah desert. Its flight and finish are unrivaled. Both tips are weighted.  A high quality wooden boomerang that comes fully flight tested, stamped and dated. Great in light to heavy winds. 55+ yard elliptical flight. Fully guaranteed. Comes with a 22 page booklet with throwing tips, diagrams, and games. Specify right or left hand throw.



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Boomerang FAQ:
New to Boomerangs? Find answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Throw:
Tips, techniques and tuning.

The Sport:
Traditional games and rules for competition and sport.

Care and Maintenance:
Getting the most out of your boomerang.

Safety Tips:
Proper guidelines and precautions.