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Tri-blader Boomerang


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A great short range boom for a first timer. It will never be far from you as you learn to throw. The short hover will keep you on your toes. Superb accuracy with a quick learning curve. High quality wooden boomerang that comes fully flight tested, stamped and dated. They are ready to rip some air right out of the box and are fully guaranteed. For calm to medium wind. 25 yard round flight. Specify right or left hand throw.  Comes with a 22 page instruction booklet with throwing tips, diagrams, and games.



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Right Handed
Left Handed

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Boomerang FAQ:
New to Boomerangs? Find answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Throw:
Tips, techniques and tuning.

The Sport:
Traditional games and rules for competition and sport.

Care and Maintenance:
Getting the most out of your boomerang.

Safety Tips:
Proper guidelines and precautions.